The stupidity is mind boggling (Derpity derp)

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D'rats are so brainwashed with bullshit and so uneducated that they can`t understand how a person can be against D's and still call themselves American They are that stupid. Have you seen people interview these morons at traitor rallies? It is painfully obvious just how stupid they are. It is you Bidenistas who can`t call yourself American You`re not even close.

The truth hurts huh D'tsrd? Flag away you traitorous morons, it doesn`t change the facts.

D'rats do not understand what it means to be a patriot. They are not American they are marxists who are so stupid they don`t know that they are marxists. They think that Biden is a good president. 🤣 I don`t think they know the difference between evidence and conspiracy theories and lies. I don`t think they are educated enough to know what a conspiracy theory is because they believe so many of them.

Hey Bidentards, one day you will get it. I just hope when that day comes that it isn`t too late. Remember these words, you are traitors who are supporting a traitor.

Even some of bidens cronies are waking up because they understand the danger that we are in under this regime. I suggest you do the same before you completely destroy this country because of your belief in pure bullshit.

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