Rehabilitated Female Betta Ready for Adoption (Caldwell)

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Foster Name: Snow White
Gender: Female (Confirmed)
Approximate Age: 6 mo
Type: Baby Girl - Now Assorted Female
Intake Day: January 22, 2024
Intake Reason: Extended Length of Stay and Minor Fin Rot
Temperament: Mid range
Minimum Tank Requirements: 5 gallon 78-80*F with up to medium flow
Sorority Compatible: Possibly

Though originally named Snow White with the Disney rescue bettas, this friendly glutton would probably be better named Rose Red now that she is older. She was a common white bodied betta with red fins and metallic blue/white eyes when rescued but has become more and more red over the past few months. Though she is mostly red, she has a patch of metallic scales starting on her chest/stomach region, one red and one transparent fin, and her colors will continue to develop as she ages.

She was housed in a community tank with loaches, shrimp, and a clown pleco during recovery. Though interested in the other fish originally she does not harass them, with the occasional chasing of the ghost shrimp when thinking their dark spots are floating food. I mean it when I say this girl is a glutton. She will attempt to steal the loaches shrimp wafers and swims away with them. It would be adorable if she didn’t over eat because of it. She would do well in a community tank if she does not have access to too much excess food.

Rehoming fee of $10 to ensure she goes to a good home. Supplies not included.


I work at a local pet store and take in the bettas who need additional medical care or attention from either stores or owner rehomes/surrenders to get them back to a healthier state whenever I have an open tank. As much as I would love to keep them all, there are many more out their who need a safe place to recover which is why I have to force myself to let these babies go once they are healthy. A healthy, well maintained betta will live on average from 5-7 years.

Fish are one of the most under researched pets which is why I try to set them and their new owners up for success with as much information and support as possible.

Contact me with questions or if interested in this or other available rehab bettas.

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