Five Ways Summer Tutoring Can Help!! (Treasure Valley and beyond)

Summer Tutoring would help if you are...
* Retaking a class so you catch up before the school year starts.
* Taking a class in order to get ahead and take fewer classes during the school year.
*Wanting to keep fresh on material learned you learned during the school year so that you can start strong in the fall.
*Striving to get your GED.
*Needing tutoring because you are a student in year-round school.

My name is Jane Freund and I am an experienced tutor in a wide variety of subjects and academic performance skills. Also, I believe humor helps with learning and life itself!

Here are more details on my tutoring services:


STUDENT AGE RANGE: Kindergarten through college and beyond


*Communication, Listening, Public Speaking & Self-Talk
*English & Writing
*History, Political Science, & Social Studies
*Critical Thinking
*Math (variety of types)
*Science (variety of types)
*English & Writing

*Academic Performance Skills (Note Taking, Organization, Study Skills, Problem Solving, Time Management, Math Anxiety and Test Anxiety)

*GED Tutoring

NOTE: If I don’t tutor in a subject or skill you need help with then I’ll do my best to help you find someone who does.


EXPERIENCE: I have a variety of experience that I bring to the tutoring process:

*Taught Communication for 10 years at Boise State
*Went from college flunkout to college faculty member so I know firsthand how to improve academic performance
*Math geek and State Champion Mathlete (I’m an athlete and a mathlete!)

*Published author/co-author of several children’s, nonfiction and fiction books
*Am a Tutor, Author and Book Coach

*Lover of puns because creative humor get you thinking and can reduce anxiety and stress


VIRTUAL/IN-PERSON: I tutor virtually and some in person depending upon location. I'm located in Idaho's Treasure Valley but also tutor around the state and in other states as well.


PRICES: I charge $45 per hour, $200 for a 5-hour package or $400 for a 10 hour package. You can pay by Venmo, PayPal, check, money order or cash. But you can't pay in pennies!🙃


COMMENTS ABOUT MY TUTORING: “Jane is a really good teacher and can teach any type of learner. She knows how to explain English well. You can talk to her like a normal person and it isn’t awkward.”

"Thank you for everything you have helped me in, you really helped me grow in the best way possible."

“Before we started working with Jane, our daughter declared that she hated math. Now, as our daughter’s skills and reasoning have improved, she looks forward to her meetings with Jane, and says that she really likes math.”


QUESTIONS: Let me know if you need more information and/or are ready to get started with tutoring. Also, please share this with others you think would be interested and thank you very much!

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PS - I appreciate you taking the time to read and to consider my tutoring services 😊

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