Raw Goat Cheese Chèvre (Eagle)

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We are a licensed and regulated dairy in the State of Idaho, license # RGM-148. We practice strict bio-security measures, test our entire herd annually per Idaho Department of Agriculture regulations, and milk in an environmentally controlled milk facility. You can be assured the milk and cheese you’re buying are properly handled and stored. Our milk is stored immediately in commercial refrigerators at 36 degrees to assure freshness. Our milk contains no hormones or antibiotics and our goats are fed only non-gmo grains and hay and graze on lush, unsprayed pastures.

Our cheese is made exclusively from Lamancha Goat milk. Lamanchas are known for superior quality milk that’s high in butterfat, ideal for cheese production without the “goaty taste”. We’ve converted so many people who have had bad experiences with goat products in the past. We so enjoy getting feedback from customers we’ve been able to convert like this, one of our most recent customers: “This is the best goat’s cheese we’ve ever had. A 10/10” !!!

We offer 3 standard cheese flavors:

Plain - Rich, creamy and mild with a slight nuttiness. Excellent on anything, a favorite with dried fruit.

Garlic Herb - Minced garlic and Italian herbs, our #1 best seller.

Herbs de Provence - French herbs with a hint of lavender make this a unique cheese that really stands out. Excellent with red wines.

Our cheeses are processed and immediately stored in vacuum sealed bags that provide 6+ months of shelf life in the refrigerator when unopened.

Pricing: $8/log; $15/2 logs

Farm pickup available in our self-serve refrigerator. Our cheese is also offered at McIntyre Pastures in Caldwell.

DeLuna Acres - Eagle, ID

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