Chicken Tractor, Quail, Duck Tractor, cage, coop, pen - $199 (Boise)

Maple Grove near Fairview
make / manufacturer: me
Brand New Professionally made Chicken Tractor---complete with a roost, and shelter. Also has wheels on one end for ease of movement....(triangular coop)$199 cash or $224 delivered and set up in Boise,($234 in Nampa, and Caldwell areas). (Square Coop $275) Coops will fit in the back of your pickup truck or can be disassembled and tied on the roof rack of your car. Pick up at my house near Fairview and Maple Grove area. Dimensions are 8 feet long by 43" wide base with 36" sides. This coop has room for 1-10 chickens or the new offering (picture coming soon) of 1 inch wire will fit 20 baby chicks, ducklings, or other small animals. Good for rabbits if monitored for digging tunnels for a nest. Best to call or text for the fastest service

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