Perfectio X by Zero Gravity medical grade red light laser - $2,000 (Meridian)

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Meridian near Overland

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: ZERO GRAVITY
model name / number: Perfectio X
~The Perfectio X by Zero Gravity technology gently delivers precise dosage of energy to the skin to simultaneously produce collagen fibers and elastin, while gently erasing signs of aging in all three layers of skin. The light treats the dermis, epidermis, all the way down to the deepest level, the hypodermis. This produces more collagen. It gives results of healthier younger looking skin by naturally filling and erasing fine lines and wrinkles, lifting and tightening the skin. Perfectio is easy to use and you can achieve younger, firmer skin in as little as two weeks. Scientifically proven Results [from the Princeton clinical trial] proved that within a period of two weeks, the treatment increased skin elasticity and firmness. LED light therapy is growing in popularity in prominent medical spas around the world due to its remarkable affects in reversing signs of aging and various skin imperfections. Results from clinical trials demonstrate both efficacy and safety of light therapy in promoting anti-aging skin rejuvenation and intradermal collagen increase when compared against controls. Research also shows that light therapy is highly effective in reducing pigmentation. It reduces the level of melanin in the skin and the appearance of age and dark spots. It promotes the production of cells, collagen fibers,and elastin. Here’s how red light therapy works on cellulite. Red light increases cellular metabolism and energy. As light photons are absorbed by the mitochondria (energy centers of cells), energy production in the cells are stimulated. This leads to cells that are healthier and more resilient. Red light Increases collagen production. Red light stimulates fibroblast production (fibroblasts are the precursors to collagen), which will help thicken skin as well as the underlying connective tissue, and restore elasticity. Once skin becomes more elastic and thicker, subcutaneous fat is more contained and less likely to push outward. Increased elastin production. Elastin is a structural protein that gives skin and connective tissues their elasticity. Once damaged, it often does not regenerate, which is why photoaged or sun-damaged skin becomes loose and saggy. Red light therapy activates growth of fibroblasts, which leads to abundant elastic and collagen fibers. Red light causes fat cells to “spring a leak” by forming small openings in the cell walls, which releases fatty acids known as lipids. One study by Boston researchers found that 80% of lipids were released from fat cells after just four minutes of exposure to red light. Within six minutes, nearly all the fat had been released. Our skin relies on collagen, the building block protein of our connective tissue. Collagen is what keeps our skin supple and elastic, so it can bounce back from any damage and retain its soft feel and texture. When cellulite forms, it’s often a sign that we don’t have enough collagen. Red light stimulates collagen production, leading to an increase in intradermal collagen density. The result is firmer, thicker skin with less cellulite. Red light targets fat cells, shrinking the adipose tissue to make us leaner and more toned. In one study, participants noticed a reduction in their body fat and a better body shape, indicating that red light also helps tone and contour those areas most prone to cellulite by firming up the skin. Poor circulation may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to cellulite, but this common issue does play a role in cottage cheese skin. Red light significantly improves skin blood flow, reducing your risk of developing cellulite, as well as encouraging existing orange peel skin to repair itself. There’s plenty of evidence that blasting our skin with red light sends a powerful message to our cells… to repair and heal. The longer wavelength light penetrated the skin to stimulate the cells active in regeneration and repair – fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and immune cells. Switching these all-important cells ‘on’ encourages repair deep within the skin layers for lasting results.Our circulation is vital to our survival. Blood rushes around our body, delivering oxygen and nutrition as it goes. Our skin needs a healthy supply of blood and nutrients to stay strong and elastic. Cremes no matter what they say do not work well for cellulite and surgery is expensive, invasive,and can cause side effects. It also emits energy that helps relieve minor muscle pain, joint pain, and stiffness due to it's ability to  increases the local blood circulation. FDA class ll medical device.
■Retails at $7,999

-This has barely been used and is in new condition. This is a huge discount off of the retail price. This would make a great addition to an estetician's facials to both bring in more clients and generate more revenue.

I also have the Sapphire X Zero Gravity Medical grade blue light laser that is brand new, never been used. I will make a deal if you buy both of these Lasers.


I will deliver to Boise and surrounding areas for free.

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