13'x33" Cedar Strip Canoe - NEW! - $2,200 (Bend)

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Stonegate near China Hat

boat type: kayak/canoe/SUP
condition: new
length overall (LOA): 13
propulsion type: human

I'm a retired hobbiest and I love building these beautiful cedar strip canoes. I have two goals in mind when I build a canoe; it needs to be light enough for one person to mount on top of their vehicle and it needs to be beautiful. Otherwise, buy a Tupperware boat!

I recently finished this stunning 13' x 33" canoe. It's brand new. The boat weighs in at 36.5 lbs and has an estimated load capacity of 320 lbs. The plans are from Ashes Stillwater Boats and is the Angler Pack. It's stability in the water is exceptional. I have fished with an identical boat for five years and even when anchored and a sudden cross wind comes up, it remains very stable. Compared to a fishing kayak, it's at least half the weight, roomier and more stable. No need for trailering it, as it's light enough to put on the roof of any vehicle.

This is my 34th full size canoe. I used 3/16" x .75" beaded and coved clear red cedar strips with mahogany and white pine accent strips. The gunnels, seat, decks and thwart are mahogany and the stems and scuppers are beech. The brown trout inlays are mainly mahogany. The rest is white pine, douglass fir, and purple heart. Accents are wood burned in. Of particular note: I do not staple the strips on to the stations, therefore no staple holes running up and down each one foot interval. The inside and outside received 6 oz fiberglass cloth. The inside received a second layer in the shape of a football and the outside received an additional 6 oz fiberglass cloth layer 4" wide down the center. Epoxy resin secures the cloth to the wood. Finally, the boat received three coats of high gloss spar varnish throughout. The matching "kayak" type paddle is included.

If you are interested in a cedar canoe of a different size I am taking commissioned orders. I build singles from 12' to 15' and the doubles (tandem) I build are 16' and 17'. I have built many with inlays; bald eagle, Canadian geese, three bears, bull elk, howling wolf, mountain scene and open to other suggestions. Happy to send pictures and/or have you over.
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